Which are better - wired or wireless cameras?
Wired cameras offers more reliability by eliminating WiFi signal strength and dropout issues.  Also, instead of adding unsightly power outlets to power wireless cameras, wired cameras are powered by a single hidden cat5 or cat6 cable so that all you see is the camera.
How many cameras are recommended?
Every home is different.  However, we recommend a minimum of 4 cameras to record the 1) front door, 2) driveway, 3) side yard, and 4) backyard.  Additional cameras will provide more viewpoints so that subjects are recorded in both directions.  This avoids the possibility of just recording the back of a subject's head (i.e. when somebody walks away from a camera).
What are the differences in basic versus more advanced cameras?

Theater Xtreme proudly sells cameras from Clare Vision and caters to a wide variety of budgets.  More advanced cameras offer 1) analytics instead of motion to reduce "false positives" so that notifications are sent to your phone only when something is of interest, 2) night time color viewing instead of traditional black and white viewing, 3) image processing chips to enhance clarity, 4) varifocal lenses that allow you to optically zoom to the area that you want to monitor, and 5) higher resolution/clarity.  See the images on the right for examples.

There are a variety of video door bells available.  What makes DoorBird different?

All DoorBird products are 1) available to connect via faster hard-wire connection instead of WiFi, 2) able to integrate with home automation systems so that you can view and talk to your visitor via your mobile device AND home automation interfaces (i.e. remote control and wall mounted touchscreens), 3) offered in a wide variety of designer finishes to match today's home styles, and 4) access control to gates and doors via keypad, fingerprint, and/or key fobs.

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Don't be a victim of today's unfortunate rise of property theft.  Theater Xtreme can install a surveillance camera system that will allow you to monitor your home or business remotely.  Our expert staff can install cameras without unsightly wires on the exterior of your building.  Also, integrate your cameras with our home automation systems so that you can view your cameras on your wall-mounted touchscreens, and receive push notifications on your mobile devices.

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