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The Whole House Audio Experience

Whole house audio is a system that allows you to stream music to any part of your house.  Whether you are in the kitchen preparing dinner, working out in your home gym, or relaxing outside by the pool, now you can listen to YOUR music anytime and anywhere.  A whole house audio system can also allow your family to listen to different sources of music in different rooms at the same time.  

At Theater Xtreme, our installers can install your choice of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers without the messy wires or unsightly "wireless boomboxes."  Also, Theater Xtreme makes controlling your music easy using built-in touchscreens, tablets, smart phones, or Amazon Alexa.

How is Whole House Audio different from Sonos products?
Custom whole house audio includes built-in speakers and control keypads or touchscreens that hide in the ceiling or wall spaces throughout the house.  Sonos provides distributed music through tabletop wireless speakers and does not include built-in keypads or touchscreens. 
What size house is required for Whole House Audio?
A whole house audio system can be scaled to fit any sized house.  You can also expand an existing whole house audio system into different rooms in the future.
What types of music sources can I listen to?
A variety of music sources can be combined into a single system.  Whether you are an avid vinyl record collector or have an iTunes library, a whole house audio system can integrate this into your home.  Other common sources might include your cable/satellite box, XM Sirius radio, or blu-ray player.
Can you utilize existing speakers in your home?
Yes, a new whole house audio system can utilize existing speakers while also expanding to new speakers throughout your house.
Does Theater Xtreme offer outdoor waterproof speakers?

Yes, Theater Xtreme offers a variety of outdoor patio and rock speakers from name brands like Klipsch, Episode, Martin Logan, and Monitor Audio.  Outdoor speakers are designed to endure the outdoor elements - rain, wind, and climate variances.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Stream any kind of music in its original full fidelity—anywhere, anytime. Create party or workout playlist. Listen to your own collection, internet radio, popular services like SiriusXM® and Pandora® or your iPod in any room—up to 32 separate areas. Unlike most systems that “compress” audio and significantly compromise sound quality, Total Control is unique, delivering music in its original, full quality and synchronizing it everywhere. High performance sound can live all around.​​

Stream Music To Any Room In Your House

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