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No more waiting in line to buy tickets to a movie, or having to sit in uncomfortable theater seats that are too close to the screen. Now you can enjoy movie night right in the comfort of your own home theater.

Theater Xtreme can design and install your custom home theater to your precise specifications. Every home theater room is designed to fit your style. If you desire a small and cozy home theater, or perhaps an oversized and extravagant one; the experts at Theater Xtreme can design a home theater to fit any space. Amaze and amuse your friends and family with the premier home theater system you've always wanted.

Is this affordable?
Yes!  Theater Xtreme packages start at $4,999 and are all backed by our 110% no hassle low price guarantee.  Call Theater Xtreme today for available financing options to spread your payments over time!

Is this High Definition?
Yes!  Our projectors support Ultra HD 4K resolution matching any HDTV, and with a 80" - 200" screen you will get a real movie theater experience.  
Can I watch television also?
Yes!  You can also surf the web, play video games, watch home videos, view photos, and much more!  Any component that you can display on a TV can be displayed on a projector.
What if my room has windows?
Projectors today have the ability to overcome ambient light, and with a high contrast screen we can eliminate most issues.  This allows placement of your theater into most family rooms and living rooms.  See the Screen Innovations video to the right and be prepared to be amazed!
Do I have to have a large room?
No, a 100" screen will fit in rooms as small as 10' x 12'.  Also, consider placing your equipment in a nearby closet to save valuable space.  
What are the available screen sizes?
80" - 200".  Take your pick, the difference is only $500.  Select the screen size of your dreams with ANY package - affordably.

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