​​Hi-Fi audio, short for high-fidelity audio, refers to high-quality
sound reproduction that aims to provide an accurate and lifelike listening experience. Hi-Fi systems typically consist of high-quality components, such as speakers, amplifiers, and source devices, that work together to produce a detailed and precise sound. The goal of Hi-Fi audio is to reproduce music and other audio content as accurately as possible, preserving the nuances and details that are often lost in lower quality systems. 


Don't be a victim of today's unfortunate rise of property theft.  Theater Xtreme can install a  surveillance camera system that will allow you to monitor your home or business remotely.  Our expert staff can install cameras without unsightly wires on the exterior of your building.  Also, integrate your cameras with our home automation systems so that you can view your cameras on your wall-mounted touchscreens, and receive push notifications on your mobile devices.

Hi-Fi Audio

For the same price as most flat panel TV's, you can have a real movie theater in your home.  At Theater Xtreme that's all we do.  Huge pictures.  Exceptional sound.  Stylish entertainment furnishings and accessories.  Professionally installed. 

Theater Xtreme makes owning a front projection home theater easy and affordable .  You deserve the excitement and style of a Theater Xtreme home cinema.  And, we have the exclusive tools and expertise to guide you through the design process.


​​Stream any kind of music in its original full fidelity—anywhere, anytime. Create party or workout playlists. Listen to your
own collection, internet radio, popular services like SiriusXM® and Pandora® or your iPod in any room—up to 32 separate
areas. Unlike most systems that “compress” audio and significantly compromise sound quality, Total Control is unique, delivering music in its original, full quality and synchronizing it everywhere. High performance sound can live all around.​​

House Audio

​​Have you ever wished for a magic little box that controls everything in your home?
Something that enables you to hear your favorite music anywhere in the house, watch your favorite programs, dim lights to match the mood, and shows you who is on your front doorstep—all from the comfort of your couch?  A magic, seamless solution that connects you with your home and loved ones in a whole new way.  Wish no longer, your dream has come true.  At Theater Xtreme, we bring home automation control to life, making it personal for real people and real homes—every day.

Home Automation


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