When running meetings or providing presentations, being able to leverage audio, video and technology is vital. With Theater Xtreme, you can take control of all audio, video teleconferencing, video conferencing and lighting in a snap. With our solutions, you can even set up the meeting room or conference room before arriving using our mobile app on your smart phone or tablet.

Restaurants are often all about atmosphere, and that requires fast, simple interaction with music systems, multiple TVs and flat screens, managing lighting levels and much more. This can be a lot to handle. Thankfully Theater Xtreme can put all of this into one seamless system that provides easy control of audio/visual, lighting, and temperature for everyone on staff. It can create the ideal venue with one button press, enhance productivity, and even save energy and dollars for your business.

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Sports Bars often have multiple areas, countless TVs, and events being booked at a moment's notice. Requirements often include being able to group areas to show certain games on specific TVs, while the bar areas may need different games on different TVs switched at a moment's notice and lower lighting levels. The lobby may require background music and the ability to adjust volume at any time. How do you take control of it all and accommodate guests? Theater Xtreme has the answer. We provide simple solutions for fast access and control of banks of TVs and flat screens, house music systems, automating lights and temperature levels and more. The best part is that everyone on the staff can use your system with little training. Theater Xtreme can help you provide the ideal venue with one button press and even save energy and dollars.

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Today's larger Houses of Worship  have grown to be much like event venues where multiple audio and video components, house lighting and temperature need to be easily controlled from a central point or key entry areas. With an automated AV system, you gain one seamless system that provides easy control of everything for everyone approved on staff. One touch can turn on the many house lights to a set level, start the A/V system and be ready for that service, event or wedding at a moment's notice.

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